What is Qigong/ (Chi Kung)?

Qigong/Chi Kung is a very simple form of exercise that suits all ages. Through a series of slow gentle movements, breathing techniques and slow walking, the body is both strengthened and relaxed.
Qigong/Chi Kung develops mental clarity, calmness and inner peace.

Qigong/Chi Kung gives you the opportunity to take a more active role in your own healing process. Regular practice increases the benefits to be derived from Chi Kung.

Highgate Newtown Community Centre, London N19
This class is suitable for all seniors and is free
For now this class is run by my colleague Sally Ibbotson

West Hampstead Community Centre, London NW6 which Sally Ibbotson now leads
This class is suitable for all. Cost 7

If you are a beginner this Wednesday class might suit you better. Wednesday 9.15-10am. A donation of 2.50 which goes to the centre.

City Lit, Keeley Street, Holborn/Covent Garden, London
Chi Kung - Term 1 : Five Elements : moving from the centre : all levels : 1145-1300 Code FFC32
This course finishes in Dec; it will run again in September 2019

Chi Kung - Term 2 : Five Elements : moving from the centre : all levels : 1145-1300 : Code FFC26
This course will run from 16 Jan -10 Apr 2019
Chi Kung - Term 3 : Five Elements : moving from the centre : all levels : 1145-1300 : Code FFC24
This course will run from 1 May - 31 July 2019

For enrollment to City Lit classes:
For availability, fees and other info see City Lit website look under Health & Lifestyle and then click on T'ai Chi and Chi Kung; my classes are FFC32, FFC 26 and FFC24

Early afternoon
The Rooms Above, 174 Mill Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6 (end of passageway by David's Deli)
Usually 1300-1500 hours. Cost 25
This class will resume early in 2019
Please let Tricia know if you are interested.

Qigong/Chi Kung - Classes. Chi Kung Classes

For some Chi Kung practice click on the videos below

Breast Cancer Haven Videos

Breast Cancer Haven videos

Three breath sequence - nourishing the kidneys

3 Breath Sequence

Moving arms back and forth and finish with circle

Moving arms back and forth

Arms and neck movement

Arms and neck movement

Five Element sequence

Five Element Sequence

Four corner breathing

Four Corner breathing

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