What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a touch therapy which originated in Japan in the early 20th Century. It has its roots in Chinese Medicine. It involves a combination of stretches and leg/arm rotations. The practitioner uses her palm, thumb, elbow, forearm or knee in order to access the meridians (energy pathways). It promotes relaxation through balancing the body's energy system. It heightens the bodies own self healing process.
Shiatsu is traditionally carried out on a futon on the floor, but can also be done on a couch.
Shiatsu #01

Shiatsu sessions

  • Shiatsu supporting women recovering from breast cancer

  • Shiatsu during Pregnancy, Birth and Post Natal Period

  • Shiatsu for General Wellbeing

  • Shiatsu, addressing specific problems e.g back pain and shoulder discomfort

  • Shiatsu Head, Face, Neck and Shoulders

  • Shiatsu - just feet only - try Foot Massage using acupressure points

    Shiatsu during pregnancy offers wonderful support as well as addressing issues such as morning sickness, lower back pain, symphysis pubis diastasis (SPD), shoulder tension etc. Specific exercises recommended

    Email Tricia for prices and any special offers available.

  • Shiatsu #02
    Shiatsu North West London
    A 60 min Shiatsu session is 65.
    Tricia offers a discount to those who are low waged or unemployed. Ask for details.

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